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DELTS 1.0 Shoulder Training Program

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This is a program for anyone that wants to concentrate on sculpting all aspects of their shoulders and improve their overall shape. I advise doing the program for a solid 8-12 weeks, consistently. Sticking with a program and mastering tempo, form and weights brings true results. 


This specialization is easily worked into your existing training program. As well, it is a nice compliment to your other upper body (Back, Arms, Chest) workouts. While most of the movements are programmed in the gym, it is very possible to get creative and do some of the exercises at home with minimal equipment if you need to.


Everyone doing the program should be aware of their own existing injuries, limitations and what I like to call “things that make you unique” - things that may be different for “you” opposed to someone else. So, its really impossible (and would be unethical) of me to tell you that YOU specifically (or me or my friend or my son etc etc etc) will or wont experience any issue or pain with your elbows, your neck, back, arm, your heart, your pinky finger...or whatever else…you get it lol.....Be smart. If you have any type of pre-existing condition, I advise that you feel the movements out, adjust as needed (less weight, different stance or range of motion, etc) and if it causes you pain or discomfort, stop and move onto another movement. 


Regarding Nutrition: As always, I would feel that I was doing you a disservice if I didn't mention that all clients see better results from their training programs with proper nutrition that is in line with their goals. 


This is a one off program without individual coaching attached to it, but if you are interested in such programs and more communication/interaction, email me back to discuss my wait list and program/pricing options.


**PLEASE NOTE: Upon purchase of Glutes 1.0, you will receive a PDF to download. You MUST download the PDF within 48 hours. Links to videos/playlist will be sent via email within 24 hours.  The link to the PDF DOES expire! Access to the PDF cuts off (Website protocol, not my rule) after a certain amount of time and it will expire.**