GLUTES 2.0 Training Program-Glutes-Coach Holly

GLUTES 2.0 Training Program

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If you haven't gone through GLUTES 1.0, it is HIGHLY advised to do that one FIRST, even if you consider yourself an advanced trainee.

Upon purchase, you will receive the pdf of the program, as well as an email with exclusive links to view the training videos.


I advise doing the program for a solid 8-12 weeks, consistently. Sticking with a program and mastering tempo, form and weights brings true results. It is very possible to get creative & do some of the exercises at home with minimal equipment if you need to. 

**PLEASE NOTE: Upon purchase of Glutes 1.0, you will receive a PDF to download. You MUST download the PDF within 48 hours. Links to videos/playlist will be sent via email within 24 hours.  The link to the PDF DOES expire! Access to the PDF cuts off (Website protocol, not my rule) after a certain amount of time and it will expire.**